Best CCTV Security Cameras of 2021
The best home security cameras meet all of your surveillance needs and more. We narrowed down the top home security cameras based on features, technical specifications and other buying factors.

Benefits of outdoor security cameras
Outdoor security cameras hold a number of home safety and security advantages. Regardless of the lens, video recorder, or other features, any outdoor security camera guarantee these benefits.

• Convenient control
Today’s surveillance cameras pair with mobile apps to control your security camera using your mobile device with instant notifications, real-time video and motion-triggered recording.

• 24/7 home surveillance
Whether day or night, your security camera system is designed to watch over your home even when you’re away. It’s powered to automatically detect and alert you of any activity.

Improved safety
If any motion is detected, the camera automatically sends you mobile alerts and records the activity for you to review. The best security cameras also offer a real-time view and are equipped with two-way audio to scare off intruders using your mobile device. Some fully-monitored home security systems also notify your security provider’s monitoring center of motion-triggered activity.


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