What operations do we perform most often?
Most often our customers are interested in the prices for the following services:
o providing support for computer systems and networks;
o installation of information security systems and database maintenance;
o Software installation or upgrade
o Setting up equipment for new employees;
o Diagnostic and preventive measures (testing the LAN and servers, checking the OS for errors, cleaning the disks, etc.)
o Setting up peripheral equipment and devices for computers. Also, we provide free specialist consultation at all stages of cooperation.

IT outsourcing: what does the cost of service depend on?

The main pricing factors affecting the cost of service in the IT sector are as follows:

o The type of service provided for your business – simple operations will be cheaper than large-scale tasks on structuring and launching a LAN
o Plan package – for customers requesting a turnkey service, each service will be cheaper than for individuals who requested a single service
o Experience of specialists – the degree of professionalism of our company has a direct impact on the level of service costs

Our company constantly monitors the equipment of our customers, using our own monitoring system of servers and basic services. The system allows you to identify problems in advance, thus, reducing the reaction time. Within the framework of IT outsourcing, when calculating the service costs, we take into account the number of workplaces in your office.

Being located in UAE, our company offers a wide range of services in the framework of IT Solutions at affordable prices. You can pay for each service or order a subscription. We work both with large companies and individuals.