Dect Phones

Modern workplace environment needs to keep their teams connected to improve business efficiencies. Many companies can’t afford to have their employees tied down to the desk, whether they’re supporting field-workers, frontline employees, or agile customer agents. In short Mobility is no longer a luxury feature in today’s business world. Today’s most innovative professionals need IP endpoints that free them from the shackles of the office desk. Your team members aren’t comfortable being “locked in” by cables anymore.

One of the best ways for today’s enterprises to empower team members is through Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephones (DECT) technology. DECT makes workplace freedom more accessible for all.

A DECT phone allows you to roam in the office while you talk. It ensures that users don’t sacrifice functionality and quality with increased mobility.

Snom Dect Phones

Snom, one of the market leaders in communication solutions, provides today’s businesses the freedom of movement they need, without forcing them to compromise on call quality or performance.

Snom Dect solutions are designed for use in small and medium-sized businesses or in front office and corporate environments with reduced cabling costs and rapid installation. Snom DECT solutions use a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technologies. This allows for high quality audio with DECT’s secure communication encryption. The integrated installation mode on Snom handsets makes the setup easy and intuitive. Snom base stations make the Dect solutions ideal for use across several floors or throughout large buildings. Snom Dect handsets provide options for professional indoor and outdoor use, including hard hat or industrial areas.

Why Choose Snom Dect Phones?

  • Interoperable with all major SIP-PBX platforms
  • Seamless transfer from base station to repeater or base station
  • Wideband voice
  • Support wall mounting
  • Provides cordless solutions for large to small businesses
  • High quality Audio
  • Suitable for open-air areas
  • Shockproof and dust proof
  • Blue tooth compatible (Model M85)
  • DECT encryption (Model M65)
  • Software upgrade