Best Video Intercom Systems

There’s nothing like a video intercom system to add convenience and safety at your front door or gate. You’ll be able to see and hear who’s at the front door without getting anywhere near it. And these days you don’t even need to be home to see who is at your door. Check out below the products for different technologies available.

Ensure your premises is safe from unwanted visitors and confirm their arrival with audio and video communications.

Video intercom systems for homes, offices, villas, and apartments, that also won the best new access control and intercom system for this year. Dsi Solution’s vision is to create safer communities and increase day-to-day conveniences through technology. Intercom systems facilitate visitor screening and general communication. An intercom eliminates the need to meet and greet to allow someone access to a business or home. At a touch of a few buttons, they can be granted access and directed in the right direction.

Why do you need a video door intercom system?

An intercom system is a type of security technology with two-way communication. It means that the person who has access to the control panel can communicate with the one who is at the entrance. The commercial and home’s intercom camera systems are placed near the front door or gate. When you see who arrives, you can decide whether or not to allow them entry. Because it is equipped with a microphone, it enables you to communicate with the visitor.
Sometimes, you can do this with an application anywhere inside the facility. Even if you are far from home or office, you can still check who is at the entrance to your premises. Is it a staff, postman, a neighbor, or someone that you don’t recognize? With the camera intercom system, you can easily identify these people and avoid stressful situations.

We Can Secure All Possible Entry Points

Internal/external doors, garage doors, entrance gates, windows, gun cabinets, swimming pool doors, wine cellars, vaults and safes can all be fitted with access control and most readers can be discreetly positioned and even integrated into the rest of your security system.

Our Access Control Products

At DSI Solutions we believe in fitting only the best equipment. Our experienced surveyors will specify the right equipment to deliver the solution you require. This can include remote access to your entry systems via a smart device and can be integrated into the rest of your security system.

Intercoms and Communication Devices

Audio intercoms and video entry systems allow you to check who is at the door and interact with them before deciding whether or not it’s safe to open the door. With our app, you can now do this from anywhere on your smartphone!

Our Service Commitment

DSI Solutions is a local one-stop shop for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of access control systems. We’re based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The most common entry point for burglars is your front door. It is estimated that 34% of break-ins used to force entry, spare keys, or were simply brazen enough to walk through an unlocked door.

In order to combat these security weaknesses, we offer a variety of electronic entry and keyless access control products and services at various price points tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Several examples include video doorbells controlled via an app that can be accessable anywhere in the world, as well as fully integrated door intercoms and biometric devices. Through our solutions, you can confirm who’s at the door before opening it. This gives you and your family more control over who’s at the door.