Network Solution

In today’s world of modern technology, Computer networks, including the Internet, play critical roles in business and communication. Not only that majority of Business would come to a standstill without these networks also companies would have a tough time in engaging themselves to e-commerce. Therefore, by enabling real-time relationships between many parties, networks in many ways become synonymous with the individuals and businesses they connect. Networks provide speed, connectivity, and ultimately value to their members and provide solutions to business challenges and problems that otherwise would not be possible.

With the passage of time, businesses make heavy investments in computer systems used to manage functions, such as accounting, human resources, customer service, purchasing, inventory management, and so on. Investing such heavy amount makes it difficult to totally replace old systems with new ones. Not to forget retraining thousands of employees and making changes to long-established systems and processes. Therefore, it is common to find patchworks of older legacy systems connected together within large companies.

Integrated, networked systems are at the very heart of e-commerce. Employees, customers, and business partners would have instant, real-time access to the information contained in these systems and would be able to access and share it easily.

The biggest challenge which industries and business face today are connecting applications and networks together at the company and industry level and getting them to work reliably.

The comprehensive networking solutions offered by us include:

  • Performance Management on LAN/WAN Networks
  • Network Management Tools
  • WAN Optimizers
  • Resilient & interoperable Ethernet networking
  • Scalable core, distribution
  • Access layer solutions with reduced complexity and high availability
  • Network traffic analysis and bandwidth optimization
  • Remote office connectivity design and implementation
  • Router and switch design, configuration and implementation
  • Unified Communication/Messaging/Video Conferencing
  • Optimize the Network for Data center to deliver Business Services faster
  • Network management tools and procedures
  • Fiber to the home Network Solutions
  • Firewall security
  • Internet connectivity

In order to obtain expert advice quickly, companies and industries often turn to large consulting firms. Such consultancies are able to use their vast, broad experience and resources to help clients plan and implement network solutions that they can’t affordably develop in-house. This not only involves a tremendous amount of specialized knowledge and experience; it also requires continually staying current about the latest developments in technology.

In this advanced world, your company can come out only as strong as the computer infrastructure that sustains it. We at DSI Dubai understand that your computer network is an important element of your business Like any system or tool that provides value to users, networks require monitoring and maintenance. As more and more businesses reply on their voice and data communication networks, the availability, expandability, reliability, and security of the network become vital elements of your operation and are essential to your business.

Your business can easily benefit from the vast experience of our IT professionals offer. Whether you`re a small business or a large law firm you can benefit from our support. Our Network Solutions offer everything you need to get online quickly. From website development to optimization, social media, online advertising and more.

Our networking solutions are practically self-managed and provide robust support to the IT applications of organizations of any size.

Network Consultation

Network Consultation 

Making incorrect decisions can cost you time and money. We at DSI Dubai can help you make the right decisions by giving you all your options for any networking need and save you from an unnecessary purchase. Take the help of our Networking Consultant and he will:

  • Visit your home or business to survey your networking needs
  • Explain the benefits of networking your existing hardware
  • Recommend products for your needs
  • Give you the best options for the network setup
  • Provide estimates for additional services or hardware required
  • Provide you with a written consultation detailing your setup.