Samsung IP Phone Sets

Samsung, being a global dominator of communication and IT tech lies at the forefront of convergent technologies. Combined with the latest technologies and advanced calling features, Samsung Phone Sets have the capacity to satisfy communication needs in a greater way. When it comes to technology, flexibility, ease of use, and capacity then Samsung Phone sets are considered to be ideal for your business.

Key Features & Advantages of Samsung IP Phone Sets
  • Navigation dial and intuitive user interface
  • Able to send the voicemail to your email account
  • Record conversations with a simple click of a button
  • Enables you to listen the voice mail from the handset
  • Advanced technology delivering excellent voice quality
  • Flexible, modern design optimized for comfort and usability
  • Employees are better connected and hence more productive
  • Install and manage remote sites without leaving your office and save money.
  • Operators and supervisors can monitor and help a dispersed virtual team with multi-site applications
  • Four models handsets and one addon module available in the range to meet all business requirements