IT Equipment Shifting

IT Equipment Shifting involves helping people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. It offers all-inclusive services for relocations like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifted.

Progressive organizations need to relocate workspaces to larger and better infrastructure.

In recent times, all business setups and manufacturing firms are equipped with modern day technology and machinery. Moving such equipment, transporting them to places and then relocating them is a professional job which needs to be done by experts in this field so that safe and smooth transportation is made possible.

DSI Dubai has been providing these services for many years now. We specialize in office equipment relocation and take pride in our long list of corporate clienteles. We understand that the transportation of IT Equipment or heavy machinery is a matter of major concern for any business.

At DSI Dubai, our main objective is to provide the best service for our clients with minimum amount of downtime so that their business continues to function with as little interruption as possible. The team of our Engineers and technicians dismantle heavy equipment, move them from one site to another, and reassemble them appropriately. In order to prevent any possible chances of mishaps, we evaluate the risk factors and remain in touch with our clients throughout the process.

IT Equipment can be delicate and can be easily destroyed. That is why you need professional help.

Your IT Equipment from smallest to largest including your PC’s, cables, routers and server racks can easily and securely reach your desired location, without having to put any effort into it. Our experts will be loading and unloading all your IT devices before and after they move. We will ensure no cable is damaged in the process and that all your computers and servers stay intact. We make sure all of your goods are securely delivered and also assembled just the way you need them.

We can shift your office furniture or computer machinery to your new office location with zero-damage and efficient execution.

Key Factors We consider while Relocating IT Infrastructure

Supervision : One person is designated as the point of contact so that everyone involved in the shifting process can coordinate with the single individual.

New Location: Our IT Team visits the new location and to inspect and make a list of the features the new building would need such as the number of phone lines and power outlets, as well as server room requirements.

Equipment Installation: After the site survey, our IT team gives a briefing about where you will install your company’s hardware so that boxes and equipment can be labelled according to their designated room and setting can be done without delay.

Internet Connection: A prior meeting with internet provider is necessary so that internet installation can be done without influencing your shifting schedule.

Renovations : Beforehand planning of office renovations such as creating a server room, meeting spaces or restroom facilities.

Hardware: Compiling an overview of your hardware whether they need update or not including recommendations for each device as well such as replacing or virtualizing it.

Handling of Equipment: Our expert technicians take extra care in handling, packing, and installing your company’s hardware with zero damage and efficient execution.