Grandstream UCM-6202

Designed to provide a centralized solution for the communication needs of businesses, the UCM6200 series IP PBX appliance combines enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features in an easy-to-manage solution. This IP PBX series allows businesses to unify multiple communication technologies, such as voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, data tools, mobility options and facility access management onto one common network that can be managed and/or accessed remotely. The secure and reliable UCM6200 series delivers enterprise-grade features without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature or recurring fees.

Grandstream UCM6202 Comes with 2 FXO ports with lifeline capability and 2 FXS ports. With the support for 500 SIP devices and 30 concurrent VoIP calls this Grandstream IP PBX can meet the communication requirement for a small business. With the help of a web user interface it is possible to access the recorded calls those are recorded with built-in call recording server. Built-in CDR (Call Detail Recording) makes it possible to track the phone usage by line, date, etc. The support for multiple configurable call queues makes this IP PBX system suitable for call center solutions. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) based on agent skill level and availability makes it much more convenient for the call center call management.

Grandstream UCM-6202 Features & Specifications
  • Built-in recording
  • Built-in Call Detail Records
  • Voicemail and fax forwarding to email
  • SIP video endpoints support (H.264, H.263, H.263+)
  • Supports up to a 5-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Integrated LDAP and XML phone books, flexible dial plan
  • Supports Call queue for efficient call volume management
  • Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints
  • Supports up to 500 users, 50 SIP trunks, and up to 30 concurrent calls
  • Call features: Call park, call forward, call transfer, DND, right/hunt group, paging/intercom
  • Gigabit network port(s) with integrated PoE, USB, SD card; integrated NAT router with advanced QoS support
  • Integrated 2 pstn trunk FXO ports, 2 analog telephone FXS ports with lifeline capability in case of power outage, and up to 50 SIP trunk accounts
  • 1 GHz arm cortex A8 application processor, large memory (512MB DDR Ram, 4GB NAND flash), and dedicated high-performance multi-core DSP array for advanced voice processing
  • Comprehensive security protection using SRTP, TLS and HTTPS with hardware encryption accelerator, Fail2ban, Whitelist, Blacklist, alerts and more to protect against attacks