Videoteknika IP Cameras

Established in 2006, Videoteknika’s end-to-end solutions strategy provides customers the flexibility to deploy surveillance products on projects of any size. Videoteknika stands to implement and supply the most reliable and cost-effective security solutions. Videoteknika’s wide variety of customers include Governments, Network service providers, Mobile Telecommunications companies, Oil and Gas companies, Banks, Shopping Malls, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Warehouses, Factories, Jewelry Shops and many other Big Enterprises. Videoteknika product line includes Network Camera and Thermal Camera which offer high quality, reliability and a blend of rich features that provide true value to its customers.

Network Cameras

Compared with the traditional analog setup, an IP-based system does so much more, like better image quality and higher resolution. Videoteknika offers a wide range of Network Cameras such as Dome Camera, Mini Dome Camera, Bullet Cameras, Varifocal Domes, Fisheye Cameras, ANPR Cameras, Face Detection Cameras & much more.