Pelco is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of predictive video security solutions including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services.

As the single source for video, security management, and intelligence solutions, Pelco is committed to delivering a broad range of high-quality products and systems that make the world a safer place.

Pelco’s long history in the industry shows through in its product range, with each unit crafted to a high standard and packed with the latest features. End to end provider of video technology, Pelco is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer services.

Pelco offers a broad range of positioning systems; video recording and management solutions; fixed, thermal-imaging, and explosion-proof cameras; IP cameras; displays; and much more.

Pelco Solutions by Industry

Solutions by Industry


Airports require a robust security posture with a reliable video management system to manage operations efficiently and share information in real-time with the varied stakeholders.

Integrated Airport Solutions
  • Pelco’s integrated video surveillance solutions for airports provide situational awareness, operational effectiveness and improve emergency responsiveness. Their user-friendly technology allows airport personnel to visually monitor the entire airport, from perimeter to terminal, even in harsh weather conditions or any time of day.
  • Pelco’s video management system enables operators to quickly search for incidents across multiple cameras in one interface which prevents theft and vandalism.
  • Pelco provides solutions that detect queue length and alert operators of crowd formation through our integrated analytics suite and video management system.
  • Pelco’s analytics software enables operators to perform investigations quickly and easily through people tracking.
  • Pelco provides operators with real-time alerts that are triggered by directional motion detection with our edge Analytics.
Commercial Sector

Office complexes, shopping centers, and hotels require a robust surveillance system to ensure the safety of personnel and improve operational flexibility. Pelco offers sophisticated video management systems that operate discreetly and intuitively while seamlessly integrating with current infrastructures to afford real-time monitoring as well as multi-location remote monitoring.

  • Custom surveillance solutions backed by technical support, substantially mitigating the risk of breakdowns and downtime.
  • Pelco’s VMS solutions utilize AI to make buildings more intuitive for occupants and building operators.
  • ALPR (automated license plate recognition) allows operators to manage car park access and record all vehicles entering site premises by automatically capturing license plate numbers.
  • Pelco’s commercial security camera systems offer enhanced reliability and safety through innovative features such as multi location remote monitoring,

Education Sector face several security applications challenges. Pelco cameras deliver high quality forensic images, video management systems that automate tasks for better incident management, easy integration with third parties for access control to rapidly respond to intruders, and analytics to accurately detect, classify and respond to threats.

  • Pelco’s unmatched high-quality video captures forensic quality images, so you never miss a detail in poor and varied lighting conditions and easily monitor students, staff, faculty and assets.
  • Pelco’s multi-sensor cameras provide 360-degree panoramic views of a scene for total situational awareness, and IP cameras can focus on entrances and other areas of interest so there are never any blind spots.
  • Pelco provides real-time alerts, automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition and motion and people detection so you can proactively help mitigate risks before and as they occur.

For healthcare facilities, Pelco offers a comprehensive and cost-effective intelligent video surveillance solution for 24/7 coverage of physical surroundings, improving safety and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Pelco’s video surveillance solutions increase safety and help reduce crime, and theft of drugs, data, personal property, and life-saving equipment.
  • Pelco cameras in parking lots, at entrances, and in public areas like waiting rooms, cafeterias and hallways allow staff to proactively prepare responses and alerts staff to overcrowding, incidents, and emergencies.
  • Pelco’s IP video cameras and video management system provide a centralized platform to monitor one or multiple facilities from anywhere there is Internet access.
  • Pelco offers solutions for live monitoring high-risk patients to ensure their safety and comfort, freeing up dedicated staff.
Oil & Gas

Pelco’s IP video cameras designed for extreme environments, combined with intelligent video management systems, meet the challenges of exploration and energy production companies.

  • Pelco’s IP-based video surveillance solutions designed for harsh conditions prevent the disruption of a main energy source anywhere and provide flexible, scalable protection.
  • Video surveillance solutions help upstream, midstream, and downstream companies around the globe maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Real-time alerts and the ability to analyze video data remotely enable operators to proactively detect threats, identify potential vulnerabilities, and guide emergency responses.
  • Pelco delivers video surveillance solutions that enable oil and gas organizations to prevent, respond to and investigate security incidents quickly and efficiently.
  • Innovative video solutions help ensure the health and safety of employees, while simultaneously safeguarding infrastructure and assets.
Safe City

Pelco’s comprehensive surveillance solutions help improve collaboration and cooperation between city agencies, streamline emergency management, facilitate faster investigations, and improve engineering plans for traffic flow.

  • Pelco’s real-time alerts guide emergency services and industry-leading cameras with unmatched high image quality that can capture forensic images in poor and varied lighting conditions.
  • Pelco’s secure platforms, enables cities to easily and quickly access and share valuable information with authorized parties and agencies to drive a more proactive response to potential security threats and improve its citizens quality of life.
  • With Pelco’s video analytics and third-party platforms, security officials can easily identify criminal suspects, uncover potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with government regulations.
  • Pelco’s open and scalable platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, which results in operational effectiveness for cities.


Video Management Solutions

Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system provides a scalable solution ranging from entry-level surveillance set-ups to systems that support tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents. VideoXpert can be optimized with Pelco hardware or seamlessly integrated with third-party cameras, but it is always backed by an unparalleled level of support.

VideoXpert Enterprise: VideoXpert Enterprise provides a single solution by allowing easy connection to other systems, including mapping, integration to access control systems, and license plate recognition.

VideoXpert Professional: Ideal for small to mid-size installations up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms.


Fixed IP Cameras: Sarix Series

Sarix Series offers Sarix Professional, Sarix Enhanced, Sarix High Security Camera.

Pelco fixed IP cameras provide focused coverage exactly where you need it.

Fixed dome cameras do this discreetly with compact form factors that blend in with the surroundings.

Fixed box cameras do this overtly as a deterrent.

Sarix TI Thermal Imaging Fixed: designed to detect, recognize, and identify people and vehicles in any lighting condition, including complete darkness.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras make it possible to monitor large areas with a single camera, offering both wide and close-in views for the details required. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications to work in all lighting and weather conditions.

PTZ Cameras include

Spectra Enhanced: High Definition IP Dome Positioning System

Spectra Professional: HD Video & Industry-Leading Performance at The Price of a Mid-Market Dome.

Spectra Professional IR & 4K: Rugged Outdoor Infrared Cameras That Capture Details in Poorly Lit Situations.

Esprit Enhanced: Standard, Wiper, and Pressurized with Wiper Models. Adaptive IR Models Available

Panoramic IP Cameras

Pelco’s panoramic IP cameras provide coverage of a wide, horizontal area to detect the activity of people, vehicles, even wildlife.

Panoramic Series includes

12 MP Optera™ Multi-Sensor Panoramic IP Cameras, Evolution 360⁰ Fisheye Cameras, Evolution 180° Panoramic Cameras.

Explosion Proof Cameras

Pelco’s ExSite Enhanced Series is robust enough to operate in the most hazardous environments imaginable like extreme cold, extreme heat, heavy winds and dust.

This system includes Full HD Fixed IP Systems, & PTZ & IR Illuminator Option.

Thermal Cameras

Pelco’s state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology is ideal for high performance applications where constant situational awareness and threat detection for perimeter surveillance and high-value asset monitoring is mission critical.

Sarix TI Thermal Imaging Fixed: designed to detect, recognize, and identify people and vehicles in any lighting condition, including complete darkness.

Pelco Accessories

Pelco Camera and Video accessories provide an upgrade for any video surveillance installation. Engineered to the highest standards and tested extensively to assure precise compatibility and optimum performance, all our accessories offer Pelco quality, supported by the best service and guarantees in the industry.

Accessories include

Controllers & Keyboards: Full-Function, Desktop Keyboards Controllers That Can Be Used In A Variety Of Applications.

Enclosures: Fixed Camera Systems protect from Heat, Cold, Humidity and Challenging Power Environments.

Encoders/Decoders: High-Performance, Compact and Efficient Systems Capable of Multi-Stream Network Encoding and Decoding.

Lenses: Megapixel IP Lenses deliver Outstanding Imaging with Pelco IP Cameras with Resolutions up to 4K.

Lighting: IR and White Light LED Illumination provides excellent, efficient solutions for Improved Video Surveillance Performance.

Monitors: Pelco Monitors are designed to endure 24/7 usage while producing Highly Detailed Video Critical to making informed decisions.

Mounts: Camera, Enclosure, and Dome Mounts to meet the demands of any application.

Racks: A wide range of Racks with Fiber Optic and Encoder Modules.

Power Supplies: Offering a wide selection, including PoE Midspans and 24VAC, available in a large array of configurations.

Benefits of Pelco Cameras

  • Powerful & Easy to Install
  • Motion Detection and Camera Sabotage Analytics
  • Advanced Low Light Performance
  • Local Storage (Micro SD) Available
  • Up to 3 MP Resolution
  • Anti-Bloom Technology
  • Built-in Pelco analytics suite
  • Integrated Adaptive IR Illumination

DSI Solutions Dubai is committed in providing diverse surveillance solutions for varied applications. Pelco’s broad range of high quality, IP video security products and systems gives you a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect CCTV camera. DSI Solutions Dubai together with the state-of-the-art Pelco products are the ideal choice for your security requirements. Our services are available in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.