Remote Support

In information technology (IT), remote support tools are IT tools and software that enable an IT technician or a support representative to connect to a remote computer from their consoles via the Internet and work directly on the remote system. Although its main focus is access to computers located anywhere in the world, the remote support applications also provide features like file transfer, desktop sharing, file synchronization, command line or guest accessibility. Remote support stems from the need for users to have access to a helpdesk; that responds to their requests when and where they need it. Remote assistance or remote support is a service that allows, among other things, to evaluate, diagnose and repair computer systems; from a remote connection and through the internet. DSI Dubai has a team of experts qualified to offer effective solutions and guarantee the integrity of your systems after their intervention. Our Remote Support team can deal with a range of issues that you may face in your day-to-day activities.

Advantages of Remote Support for your Organization

Remote Assistance can overcome certain on-site support limitations. It has brought a world of benefits to network administrators, managed service providers, and end-users. Below are a few advantages of Remote Support.

Fast Response

Support personnel are now able to respond faster to client’s request, all thanks to remote access tools. Furthermore, on-site visit is not always necessary, administrators can begin the troubleshooting process from the minute the call comes in. In case of complex issues, you always have the prior knowledge.


Availability of access to the premises during business hours and the schedule of the network technician are no longer a headache now, thanks to remote support tools. Performing PC and server maintenance during off-hours is much easier when you can do it remotely. This takes care of any building access issues.

Cost Effective

The physical presence of a technician implies extra fees related to the travel expenses. As a result, these charges can significantly increase the final price of the support service. Remote access is making this process easier and more cost-effective. It delivers quicker issue resolution, reducing the costs incurred from downtime.

Managed Service

Using an MSP to handle your IT needs is much cheaper, in terms of monthly costs, than it would be to pay a full-time network administrator or an internal IT department. Managed service providers are also able to offer fast support and a vast, knowledgeable staff, whose capabilities are not limited by the skills of a single individual.

User Access 

Remote access tools bring in obvious benefits of remote support for traveling employees, who don’t need to be in the office to access data when performing support operations.

Operating System

Remote access products installed on a Windows device can connect to & support any other device, including Apple & Linux operating systems. Support is no longer limited to the operating system that you are working on.

Reduced Downtime

Thanks to remote access, the individuals or institutions that are supporting your network can start troubleshooting from wherever they are. For a retail business, this means getting back to selling your product quickly. 

We offer 

  • Installation and removal of software
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • Up to date scanning and scheduling of hard drives
  • Issues which are causing your computer to slow down, for instance, repeated crashing, freezing or slow processing.
  • The ‘Blue Screen’ issue in Windows
  • Hacking attacks in the form of hijacking on your browser, phishing attacks, incessant pop-ups, data leak due to key loggers and so on.
  • Difficulty in booting up your computer or a sluggish rate of a reboot.
  • Optimization and customization of the Operating System.
  • Troubleshooting for the connectivity issues
  • New application updates and patches
  • Creating a backup for recover in case of a disaster
  • Problems related to the Internet/Website/Email
  • Domain, hosting and other network-related issues
  • Problems related to audio, video and other hardware like printers, scanners etc.
  • Faults pertaining to your USB or wireless devices.
Remote Support