Panasonic Dect Phones

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones are devices that can be used to communicate through phone lines without a cord connecting the handset and base. In the past, cordless phones used analog technology which did not offer very good sound quality, but digital technology has solved this problem. Connectivity for DECT must be made through a fixed network, and a gateway to connect calls to the fixed network. In most cases, the gateway connection is to the public switched telephone network or telephone jack, with connectivity over the Internet with newer technologies like VoIP of course.

Dect Phones are widely used for residential, and business cordless phone communications. They can be significant for businesses that require work force mobility in work place and for offices that want several cubicles to access the same phone system. Designed for short-range use as an access mechanism to the main networks, DECT technology offers cordless voice, fax, data and multimedia communications, wireless local area networks and wireless PBX. Dect is a key element to PBX installations in business, especially since the onset of migration from PBXs to Hybrid PBX solutions.

Panasonic’s IP wireless Dect phone solutions are the precise solutions for businesses looking for cost-effective communications, simplify administration and improved efficiency. Panasonic offers d multi-cell IP wireless solutions based on Dect, which include IP wireless Dect desktop terminals and Dect handsets and repeaters, help businesses in reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) and improving customer service levels. Regardless of the size of the business, Panasonic Dect Phones are designed to be flexible, scalable and can be easily upgraded suited to business requirements.

Benefits of Panasonic Wireless Dect

  • Superb HD voice quality
  • Multi zone SIP based Dect
  • Easy installation without the need of wires
  • Due to higher frequency, it does not interfere with the WiFi
  • All the handsets work off the central programming stored in the base
  • A better range with less power requirement lengthens the battery life between charges