Grandstream Conference Room Phones

When face to face meetings aren’t possible, a conference telephone system can remove a lot of headaches, offering clear audio to teams no matter where they are. Conference phones face a unique set of challenges that are different from mainstream phone technology. The best conference phones today provide HD voice and use specialized high- quality microphones. They can handle echo cancellation, noise reduction, and full duplex, resulting in clear audio from conference phone speakers. Grandstream’s revolutionary video conferencing solutions makes video conferencing easier than ever before without sacrificing features or functionality. With Grandstream products, easy-to-install and easy-to-use video conferencing solutions can be created that can be customize based on user’s requirements – rather than relying on other manufacturer’s complicated and restrictive solutions. From face-to-face visual communications and productivity-driving audio conferencing stations, Grandstream offers conferencing solutions that deploy into any network.

Grandstream’s Conferencing Phones have the ability to transform your conferencing experience by offering features and flexibility not found in other conferencing devices. Grandstream Solutions enhance business productivity, mobility and security.

Full HD Conferencing

Grandstream offers precise, powerful and cost-effective video conferencing solutions that increase productivity and saves money on business travel. For room-based hardware solutions, Grandstream offers GVC series of Video Conferencing devices empower any business with a robust and affordable collaboration-focused environment that can link together multiple offices and rooms. For online video meeting solutions, or to find a platform to link your GVC devices together, Grandstream offers IPVideoTalk video, audio and web conferencing platform.

Audio Conferencing

The modern yet affordable GAC2500 is an audio- conferencing phone that takes the table-top conferencing experience to the next level. The unparalleled flexibility of AndroidTM coupled with rich, HD audio is an asset to any conference table.