CP Plus

CP PLUS is the global leader in advanced security & surveillance solution. It offers a comprehensive range of advanced security and surveillance solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of different industries. CP PLUS offers an extensive portfolio of the finest end-to-end imaging, intelligent analog and IP video surveillance equipment ranging from CCTV cameras, high-definition IP video surveillance cameras, Mobile DVRs, NAS, Encoders, Time & Attendance solutions, Video Door Phones, Digital Locks, Home Automation solutions, accessories, customized enterprise level security systems and much more.

CP Plus Security Solutions are monitoring and securing millions of locations across the globe in diverse geographies, ranging from highly sensitive defense locations to government buildings to vital infrastructures, transportation, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes and homes, with a highly satisfied customer base.

CP Plus Security Solutions for Industries


Like any other industry, Banking Sector has also responded to modern technology. Banks are now reaching out to the masses with technology to facilitate greater ease of communication, as transactions are carried out through the Internet and mobile devices.

CP Plus offers solutions for Banks facing security challenges so that they can meet customers’ requirements for security in a special way.

  • High resolution cameras and DVR will record details of the suspicious persons
  • Low light CCTV cameras will capture images in such areas
  • The proposed system will leverage existing analog camera base
  • Introduction of network video surveillance to detect potential security threats.
  • In addition to that, CP Plus offers some other solutions as well like Time Management, Employee Tracking, Protect Payroll Fraud, Data collection and People Counting.


CP Plus offers following Security Solutions for Retail Sector

  • High resolution cameras for 24×7 monitoring
  • People counting cameras at entrance points for footfall count and to know the trend of business
  • Fisheye cameras for floor areas to cover 360° view with one camera
  • Heatmap analytics to monitor the crowd at different store for business analysis
  • Announcement for the promotions via audio I/O in camera
  • High FPS camera at cash counter to monitor all transactions closely
  • POS integration with cash counter cameras to make video more meaningful
  • Panic Button at Cash counter for emergency situation
  • Low light cameras in store rooms.

Industrial Solutions

CP PLUS offers solutions designed especially for industrial setups that cater to all their security needs including perimeter protection; monitoring equipment and production processes; tracking vehicles and people entering and leaving the premises; access control and more.

  • ANPR system to avoid unauthorized entry of vehicles
  • PTZ cameras for perimeter protection and monitoring unauthorized intrusion
  • High-resolution cameras to monitor manufacturing processes
  • Smart analytics (tripwire, intrusion and auto-tracking) to find suspicious behavior
  • Access control system for strict & flexible authority management
  • Explosion-proof & water-proof with IP67/IP68 ratings
  • Mobile DVRs/ NVRs to monitor moving vehicles
  • Command control system for real-time monitoring of process

Oil & Gas

CP PLUS is a leading provider of Video Surveillance; Thermal Imaging; Mobile Surveillance Cameras; Artificial Intelligent Based Analytics; Access Control Systems; Video Management Systems; Health Monitoring System; etc. specifically designed to provide all-in-one site security for Oil & Gas sites.

  • CP Plus offers following Security Solutions for Oil & Gas Sector
  • High Resolution HD (up-to 4K) Panoramic cameras for wide coverage
  • Artificial Intelligence based cameras to monitor unauthorized activities
  • Explosion proof cameras for sensitive areas
  • Thermal cameras for hazardous areas
  • IP67 (weatherproof) & IK10 (vandal proof) rating cameras for outdoor locations
  • Mobile DVR/NVR solution for fuel tanks with Alarm integration
  • Body worn camera for site patrolling team
  • Access control system to authorize staff and workers
  • ANPR to capture vehicle no. plate at entry/exit points
  • Video Management System for centralized monitoring, playback and integrated solution
  • Health monitoring system for smooth running of surveillance system

Real Estate

CP PLUS surveillance solutions specifically designed for 360- degree perimeter protection lower the risks of theft, burglary, harassment, intrusions faced by Real Estate Industry.

CP Plus Security Solutions include

  • High resolution cameras at Entry Point to recognize entry of unauthorized vehicle s or person
  • ANPR solution and Face recognition cameras at entry point to provide analytical results for quick retrieval of information
  • Bullet camera with intrusion detection analytics for perimeters further supported by PTZ Cameras
  • ANPR cameras at Parking entry Point
  • High resolution camera with Audio integration for parking areas
  • WDR camera with high resolution cameras at Lobby area for proper face recognition
  • Wide coverage cameras for lift areas
  • Multi-Apartment VDP IP Solution for visitor verification and authentication
  • Monitoring of CCTV camera in the VDP indoor unit
  • Control Room monitoring software for CCTV camera, VDP outdoor unit cameras, message broadcasting, SOS support, audio call, etc.

Safe City

CP Plus offers a wide range of highly efficient, reliable and scalable city surveillance solutions

  • A system of CCTV Surveillance with High Definition cameras backed by a comprehensive CMS for analytics and records can be installed across the city to protect physical infrastructure.
  • Powerful DVRs with VMS to analyze video feed in a crowded public transport system.
  • HD CCTV Cameras focus on queue lengths and vehicle flow and records an incident and use public address system to mitigate the effects.
  • Information on congestion is made available to the public and motorists by variable message signboards (VMS).
  • Modification of emergency response vehicles to accommodate installation and use of GPS/AVL tracking equipment.


Good physical connectivity in the urban and rural areas is essential for economic growth. It is important for industry to take steps to safeguard and protect transportation networks and systems.

  • HD cameras in vehicles, ships, cargos etc. to create a safer transportation environment
  • Sensor integration with MDVR to Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti
  • Live monitoring and GPS tracking to efficiently monitor cargo and property
  • Two way talk which reduce incident response time
  • GPS to tag the video evidence with current location, quickly decide the correct incident response.
  • 3G/4G to communicate with control room in real-time for monitoring, instant report.
  • Wi-Fi to connect with emergency control room & auto download the recorded video
  • Built-in OBD Sensor check the health status of the device.
  • EN 61373 – Shock and Vibration Compliance to protect device from vibration and shocks.

CP Plus Security Products

Network Camera: CP PLUS offers the finest selection of network camera to meet various needs.

This range includes 2MP (Mega Pixel), 3MP, 4MP,5MP and 6MP Network Camera. CP Plus also offers 4K 8MP Network Camera.

CP-MED: This includes IR Thermometer, Masks, UV Sterilization.

Body Temperature Measurement products: T-Sense Range, Body Temperature Detection, Handheld Thermal (Imaging Scanner).

AI Super Precision Solution: Face Recognition Solution

AI Integrated Thermal Screening Solution: Thermal Screening Solution

Network Video Recorder: 4Ch (4 Channel Network Video Recorder), 8 Ch, 9 Ch, 16 Ch, 32 Ch, 64 Ch.

EzyHome: EzyKam (Wi-Fi Home Camera), EzyTrack, ezyFi, Door Bell.

Analog HD Camera: CP PLUS Analog HD cameras are well-designed to suit indoor & outdoor applications.

2.4 MP (Mega Pixel Analog Camera), 5MP, IoT Analog Camera, Guard+ Analog Camera, 4K Analog Camera.

Speed Dome (PTZ): Network Speed Dome Camera, Analog HD.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR): 4 Ch Digital Video Recorder, 8 Ch, 16 Ch, 32 Ch.

Benefits of CP Plus Security Solutions

CP PLUS offers a robust infrastructure to service its customers and clients. Its Solutions cover everything CCTV Camera, CCTV Analog Camera, Box Camera, Dome Camera, IR Security, CCTZ PTZ Camera, and others.

  • CP Plus Network Cameras produce high quality images.
  • Minimum bandwidth and storage requirements.
  • IP Cameras have a strong feature of night vision with clarity.
  • High quality Audio.
  • Superior IR lenses for crisp images.
  • Integrated video analytics for smart surveillance.
  • CP Plus HDCVI DVR supports multiple video signal.

DSI Solutions Dubai with its team of Certified Professionals are well known for CCTV Installations. We provide diverse surveillance solutions for varied applications. CP Plus Portfolio of products gives you a lot of options when it comes of choosing the perfect CCTV camera. It includes megapixel options, covert security cameras, HD varieties and LCD monitors. DSI Solutions Dubai together with state-of-the-art CP Plus products are the ideal choice for your security requirements. Our services are available in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.