Dahua Technology is a world-leading, video-centric, provider of smart IoT solutions. Dahua Video Surveillance products are known for their quality and affordability.

As a leading security solution provider, Dahua offers end-to-end solutions for various applications and vertical industries including traffic management, government facilities, retail, and banking & finance and so on. Application solutions such as Face Recognition and LPR feature not only cameras, recorders, and VMS, but also open interfaces for convenient 3rd party integration.

Dahua Solutions by Industry

Banking & Finance

With millions of bank transactions every day, Bank Managements face many challenges -improving customer experience, enhancing management efficiency and taking security measures against criminal activities.

Dahua offers several advanced technologies to secure your Banking and Financial Institutions.

  • 4K UHD camera with face recognition can identify suspicious object with super clear image to prevent potential risk and critical events
  • Overlay the transaction information on the video footage to avoid potential disputes thus to improve customer experience
  • People counting, VIP recognition, remote authorization etc. to integrate the security with main business process to further improve business and management efficiency
  • Data safety. Sophisticated backup measures in server to ensure the critical data safety.


Building facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling security, comfort, and management efficiency demands.

In solving these challenges, Dahua provides:

  • Products and solutions to secure your facility
  • Intelligent analytics functionality
  • The latest cutting-edge technologies for improved management efficiency
  • Unified VMS for various products.


Dahua Smart Retail solutions help retailers to digitally transform and respond to increased industry competition through the use of innovative retail technology.

  • Advanced cameras provide People Counting functionality which counts foot traffic at store entrances.
  • Cameras with Dahua Starlight technology provide detailed 24-hour video surveillance under all light conditions, day or night, reducing risk of theft.
  • Remote access from mobile devices also provides managers with the latest store information and video, allowing effective store management from anywhere.
  • HD video, audio, and POS overlay can identify problems and provide evidence of wrongdoing.
  • A fisheye camera provides heat map functionality displaying hot and cold areas based on customer flow, allowing for enhanced business analysis.


Dahua transportation solutions deliver crystal clear real-time and recorded images.

Dahua’s rich industry experience brings true value for customers in the form of:

  • Latest 4K, panoramic, and thermal technology to enable a safer environment.
  • ANPR, Face Recognition, Intelligent Analytics to improve overall operation efficiency.
  • Open platform for 3rd party integration.

Critical Infrastructure

Some of the major security risks faced by any Infrastructure are theft, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more. Dahua provides a professional energy solution, offering:

  • Various technologies such as 4K cameras and thermal cameras to secure your facilities
  • End-to-end solutions including surveillance, access control, off-grid power supplies, etc.
  • Thermal inspection to prevent and locate equipment failures.

Solutions by Products

Dahua offers a wide portfolio of security-related products, ranging from IPC, NVR, HDCVI cameras, HCVR, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, Access Control, Video Intercom, Alarms, Mobile & Traffic products, display & control, VMS and so on.

Network Cameras

Dahua Technology is committed to offering cutting-edge technologies and products, such as multi-sensor panoramic cameras, ePoE for 800m power and data transmission over Ethernet cable, and Smart Codec to improve encoding efficiency and save bandwidth.

Network cameras are widely used in various applications and vertical industries. Face Recognition cameras can be used in entrance & exit, smart retail, public areas, and other scenarios to improve operation efficiency. ePoE with extended reach distance is widely applicable for stadiums, parking lots, etc., to save on cabling costs.

HDCVI Cameras

Dahua HDCVI cameras are separated into the Pro, Lite and Cooper Series, which range from high performance with project- oriented features to a cost/performance balance. Users can select cameras based on their needs.

HDCVI cameras are used in applications where existing analog infrastructure is available and users have a need for the latest technologies, including 4M/4K resolution, IoT over coax, Power over Coax (PoC), and more.

PTZ Cameras

Dahua offers both network and HDCVI PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras use pan, tilt, and zoom functionality to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail. Specialized cameras, like positioning systems, anti-corrosion cameras, and explosion-proof cameras are also available for user special applications.

Dahua PTZ cameras are widely used in different vertical industries, like transportation, government, city surveillance, etc.

Thermal Cameras

Dahua’s thermal camera range covers both thermal and hybrid (Thermal + Visible) cameras to meet different user demands.

Thermal cameras are widely used in applications such as perimeter protection, protection of key components (electrical facilities, gas pumps, etc.) and over-heating detection in critical infrastructure, forest fire prevention, and other scenarios.

Network Recorders

Dahua Ultra, Pro, and Lite Series network recorders are tailored to fit different applications. Ultra Series recorders offer the best performance and highest quality. Pro Series devices are perfect for mid-large size businesses and projects which require a balance between performance and budget. Lite Series recorders are designed for optimum cost performance with strict Dahua quality standards.

HDCVI Recorders

Dahua HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) Recorders include the Ultra, Pro, and Lite Series to fit various applications. Ultra Series recorders offer the best performance and highest quality. Pro Series devices are perfect for mid-large size businesses and projects which require a balance between performance and budget. Lite Series recorders are designed for optimum cost performance with Dahua quality assurance standard.

Video Intercoms

Dahua’s Video Intercom product lineup eases communications between visitors, home owners, and property management centers. Dahua intercom products come in a versatile lineup of IP, Wi-Fi, 2-wire, and analog-based solutions for houses, small apartments, and large apartments.

CCTV and alarm integration offer more intelligence and security.

Access Control & Time Attendance

Supporting management of up to 100,000 users, 128 time zone plans, logs, and storage, Dahua Access Control products and solutions offer a wide selection including controllers, readers, and related software.

Attendance and Smart Lock products are also included in the range. In addition, biometric recognition features such as fingerprint recognition and Face Recognition are also available.


Dahua offers both wireless and wired alarm systems catered to user needs for every possible scenario.

Wireless alarm products offer a complete solution via mobile app (DMSS), hubs, panels, detectors and accessories such as PIR detectors, door/window contacts, smoke detectors, flood detectors, remote fobs, sirens, as well as wireless repeaters, which guarantee the security of your home.

Wired alarm products consist of controllers and detectors, which can be widely used in small and medium commercial buildings, stores, villas, houses, and flats/apartment blocks.

Mobile & Traffic

Dahua offers a wide-range of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions to ensure a safe and efficient journey. Dahua Mobile and Traffic solutions include traffic enforcement, traffic signal control, entrance & exit, parking, mobile products/solutions, and related software and accessories.


Dahua Technology is a world-leading advanced video surveillance solution provider with rich experience in video surveillance systems. IP CCTV networks are different from traditional data communication networks, requiring high performance in terms of “delay”, “packet loss”, and other factors.

Dahua Series switches are specially designed for video streaming.

Display & Control

Dahua provides a wide range of high-quality display and control solutions for security and commercial use.

In security center applications, Dahua provides the Video Management Platform (VMP), decoders, splicing controllers, and network keyboards.

In commercial areas, LCD monitors, LCD video walls, LCD digital signage, LED displays, and interactive LCD displays provide an ideal visual solution to satisfy your needs.

Video Conferencing

These systems include a full range of video conferencing products such as video conferencing hardware endpoints, software endpoints, multi-point conferencing control units, management systems, conference cloud, and peripherals. These products offer various video conferencing solutions for use across a wide range of areas, such as general industry, public security, distance education, and telemedicine.


DSS Express and DSS Pro are pure security software-based series, their capacity and features can be flexibly adapted to different projects. DSS Express is generally tailored for small-sized applications, while DSS Pro is targeted at large and medium-sized applications.

Dahua Technology has been working for years to provide comprehensive smart surveillance solutions that guarantee users with more security, more efficiency and more profit. DSI Solutions Dubai has the experience of providing reliable and robust security solutions. We have a team of expertise who supply, install and maintain Dahua’s high quality security equipment to keep your home or workplace safe and secure. Our service areas include Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.