Samsung Analog & Digital Phone Sets

Samsung, being a global dominator of communication and IT tech lies at the forefront of convergent technologies. With unrivalled strength in consumer electronics, mobile telephony, touchscreens, computers and networks, Samsung offers ideal solutions to address the challenges faced by today’s business.

Samsung offer a wide range of handsets, both IP and digital, for use with the OfficeServ 7000. All handsets have been ergonomically designed, are easy to use and give the users the appropriate feature set and access levels for their individual needs. Whether that is a simple telephone, wireless, softphone or fully-featured handset with programmable functions.

Key Features & Benefits of Samsung Traditional Phone Sets


Samsung Digital Phone sets may not offer sophisticated optional features but still they give users the confidence of knowing that they can handle high volume traffic with efficiency.


Samsung Digital Phones are the cost-effective solution for any business size.


Easy to use even across the room, Samsung Digital Phones include large, easy to use dial buttons, as well as simple programmable keys.


With add-on modules for added flexibility, and either an analog or a digital daughter board, you can double the capacity of station ports whenever you need it.


Independently adjust ring, speaker, handset, and headset volume. Its display is big and letters are easy to see, and tilts to eliminate glare.