LG-Ericsson is a joint venture company owned by the Swedish group Ericsson and the South Korean group LG Electronics. It designs and markets advanced solutions for telecommunications networks operators and enterprises in Korea and internationally. LG-Ericsson has developed a range of IP phones (MGCP / SIP / H.323), wireless and outposts such as videophones (SIP) compatible with a variety of solution s and ToIP IP Centrex for the market businesses and operators.

LG-Ericsson Phone System-Benefits

A leader in both the Small, Medium and Enterprise sectors, Ericsson LG delivers hybrid, cost-effective on-premise phone systems to help organizations communicate and collaborate more efficiently and dynamically. It is committed in providing innovative technology and communication solutions that enables businesses to boost revenues, reduce costs, increase their productivity and improve their customer service. LG-Ericsson delivers business solutions while meeting the subsequent core values:

  • Scalability: Whether it is system capabilities or features, LG PBX System innovative technology easily adapts to meet changing needs.
  • Convergence: Converged services for customers which include voice capabilities, applications suites, data networking and management tools.
  • Productivity: It provides total solutions including management platforms for UC, mobility and security which are designed to improve productivity.
  • Compatibility: Enhanced applications including integration into standard office applications as well as the seamless migration to the converged IP world.

LG-Ericsson presents reliable, resilient and highly featured communications platforms. LG-Ericsson offers easy to use PBX systems and handsets. With all the Ericsson LG IPECS phone systems you get the latest IP technology and a huge array of CTI and productivity enhancing programs. Plus, the new LG phone system solutions still allow users to attach ISDN, PSTN and IP phone lines as well as digital and analogue handsets – not just IP. The LG phone system IPECS platform is Linux based and being modular allows for customers to connect multiple systems and grow to almost any size. DSI SOLUTIONS DUBAI provide service and assistance in installation of LG-Ericsson IPECS Telephone System. We offer an extensive service which includes installation, relocating systems, upgrading system additional handsets and expansion modules, maintenance and support.

LG IPECS Telephone System

LG IPECS Telephone System

LG-Ericsson offers a wide range of user- friendly handsets suitable for all businesses. These IP handsets support a wide range of telephony features and applications with solutions designed to meet varying communications needs from small-to-large environments. This includes desktop IP phones, IP conference phone and voice over wireless LAN handsets. IPECS PBX from LG-Ericsson is a pure IP Phone System. It offers six different IP Phones that can be used depending on the requirements. LG-Ericsson meets your business requirements with a magnificent line up of Telephone systems including the IP phones, Wireless IP phones, Dect phones, Phontage softphones, and other accessories. Choose a Telephone System that fits your office requirements with DSI SOLUTIONS DUBAI advanced installation services available in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. 

Migrate to Cloud

Migrate to Cloud

Smooth migration to Cloud

Cloud services are now commonplace in the IT industry. Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides various migration options for iPECS Cloud with proven technology for the best business communications.

Cloud service model

We offer the freedom to create a Cloud business that best suits your business model. You can build your own solutions and sales model to meet your needs and capacity. If you have invested in iPECS assets already, these can also be utilized together with iPECS Cloud.

Optimum investment

Thanks to the smart licensing scheme of iPECS Cloud, you can control the platform capacity and all applications efficiently, so you can easily get a Cloud solution while still protecting your IT resources. With iPECS Cloud, you will experience the same reliable and high-quality communications you’re used to with your existing on-premise solution. iPECS Cloud is simply the best answer to both meet your needs and minimize upfront investment for your business communications solution.

End-to-end solutions for Cloud service

iPECS Cloud is an end-to-end solution including a wide range of applications and endpoints. Enterprise grade PBX features can be delivered in the Cloud and it is possible to start up new Cloud-based businesses with minimal upfront set up costs.