Yealink Conference Room Phones

Not long ago, businesses had to spend a lot of time and effort getting key people together to participate in important company meetings. The time and effort spent would most of the times result in the loss of employee efficiency, which usually translates to the loss of money. Even though a lot of workplace communication takes place through emails and in-person conversations, no one can deny the importance of conference calls. The idea of conferencing calling is not a new concept. It’s been around for many years. What is new is the enormous level of benefits today’s top conference call providers can offer thanks in large part to new innovations in the technology arena.

Yealink is a global brand that specializes in video conferencing, voice communications and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and user-friendly experience. Yealink offers a wide range of conference phone solutions which are designed to enable clear communication, either from a boardroom style environment or on the move. Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, Yealink conference phones allow you to connect with multiple parties remotely from anywhere in the world. Yealink conference phones can help reduce background noise with Noise Proof technology and help participants focus on what’s important, their calls. As a leading unified communication solutions provider, Yealink focuses on developing accessible, and feature-rich audio- conferencing systems and equipment. With high-quality desk phones, conference ready speakerphones, and specialized audio- conferencing equipment, Yealink has everything a business needs to communicate clearly, quickly, and effectively.

Distinguishing Features

Yealink conference phones take you to a whole new conference level by offering the following  features:

  • Call pick up
  • Voice encryption
  • Factory reset mode
  • Microphone expansion
  • Intercom, IP PBX support
  • USB call recording support
  • 5-way conferencing support
  • Optima High Definition Voice
  • Built-in three microphone array
  • Conference connection to mobile phones or PCs