Polycom Conference Room Phones

Clear and accurate communication is perhaps one of the most essential business requirements. A business becomes more profitable if it has a phone system best fit for its needs.

A conference phone is essential for all business types, as it allows for multiple individuals to converse worldwide, in a clearly audible fashion.

Polycom is the global leader in open standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions for voice and video collaboration. It has always been dedicated to developing and implementing new technologies in audio processing, noise reduction, system integration, and microphone compensation, ensuring that every hurdle is addressed before it even becomes an area of concern for companies who use its technology.

Polycom is well known in the telephony market for the analog and VoIP conference phones. The Polycom phones offer some solutions which have been well designed to fit any size of the conference room. This allows for interactive multiple persons calls without necessarily sacrificing the quality of a call.

Features & Benefits of Polycom Conference Room Phones

  • Some distinguishing features and benefits of Polycom Conference Room Phones are:
  • All phones offer Polycom HD Voice Technology with heightened clarity resulting in conference calls that
  • sound as natural as being there and have the ability for desktop paging.
  • The Polycom extended microphone range allows for sound that is loud and clear, and smart microphones focus on the user who is speaking without picking up on external sounds.
  • It also has standard voicemail, holds as well as mute buttons.
  • These phones can be powered through the standard AC power connection via the power over Ethernet switch as well.
  • Interference from wireless devices do not become a concern and background noise is removed.
  • It makes users more productive immediately because all SoundStation conference phones share the same, proven ease of use.