DECT or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a standalone system that includes a DECT base station and a wireless handset. It doesn’t interfere with your Wi-Fi network, keeping it free for other communication channels.  Dect Phones provide users the freedom to move around without missing important calls. DECT or cordless phones can be utilized to great effect with a VoIP phone system especially when used with multiple handsets. With hosted VoIP offering simultaneous concurrent calls, there is no need to worry about callers receiving engaged tones if one person is already on an active call either. In comparison to traditional phones that are connected to landlines, using a DECT VoIP phone with hosted VoIP offers real flexibility as well a huge range of business-related features such as call recording and call transfers at a wallet-friendly price.

RTX wireless systems proposes complete solutions for the small and medium enterprises delivering exceptional performance and reliability. RTX Dect Phones are ideal for any residential, home office, or business searching for an advanced, expandable cordless mobility solution. Whether you are in the office or elsewhere on the premises, RTX superior voice quality makes you reachable. The system supports greater range with the use of multiple cell antennas, which automatically hand off calls from one station to the next as you move throughout your warehouse, plant, showroom or any large facility without the need for any special interface.

Features & Benefits of RTX Dect Phones

High Audio Quality: RTX uses a range of codes that offer superior and clear voice quality.

Exceptional Coverage: RTX unique RF engineering skills ensure that your product goes beyond the normal range. 

Multi-Region Usage: RTX Dect handsets are optimized to work on all available Dect radio channels and frequencies in the world.

Robust Design: DECT technology combined with ruggedized product design is a perfect combination for tough work environments.

Noise Cancellation: RTX directional microphones, powerful DSP solutions and/or multiple microphones help in noise cancellation.