NEC Analog & Digital Phone Sets

NEC Phone Sets are ideal for SMBs that wish to compete and grow their businesses over time……. Designed to be both versatile and scalable for your growing business needs. NEC Telephone System enables you to deploy a pure IP Phone System as well as traditional Digital phones or Circuit switched technology.

People belonging to different business sizes can easily opt for the desired NEC Phone system without any hesitation. NEC phone systems for business are efficient and easy-to-use to suit every scenario. NEC’s current PBX devices now promote more efficiency and productivity than ever before.

NEC builds a complete suite of intuitive communication products with advance features and interactive applications giving users optimal flexibility in today’s diverse business world.  From SMB’s to Enterprise corporations, NEC is known for offering a comprehensive communications portfolio encompassing IP, Digital, and Analog desk phones, Wireless handsets, Attendant consoles, and Voice Conferencing. NEC customizes solutions to construct large-scale, highly reliable, scalable and flexible IT and network systems. All the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless, SIP Protocol are supported in NEC PABX System.

Significant Benefits & Features of NEC Traditional Phone Sets

Flexibility: NEC Phones offer maximum deployment flexibility that supports a wide range of applications to improve employee overall performance and be customizable to specific communication needs, including access to desktop and mobile functionality.

Mobility: NEC Handsets give your employees flexible, easy and secure communications while providing most of the features and functionality of a desktop phone, with mobile enhancements such as text messaging, alarming, programmable keys and integration with third party applications.

HD Audio Quality: Both speakerphone and handset offer super wideband technology for superior HD audio quality.

Security: TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and accounts.

Hotdesking: Allows handsets and desk space to be shared by a number of employees, helping keep costs down

Cost-Efficient: In comparison, NEC is usually the less expensive option in the market. On the other hand, it provides a phone that is just as competitive which reduces total expenses on business operations while still maintaining a high level of productivity and effectiveness.