AVAYA IP Telephone System

In today’s world, businesses face a world of fierce competition in the market with the added pressure to invest in the latest technology and a strong customer service team. Telecommunications is an important tool for businesses. It enables companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. It is a key element in allowing employees to collaborate easily from wherever they are located, remote or local. Communication Technology has taken a revolutionary turn in the recent years and has advanced drastically. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great example of this. It has been gaining popularity among both individual subscribers and businesses.

Any business that wants efficient and cost- effective communication solutions, knows very well that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems are the best choice in today’s Internet-driven society. An efficient VoIP telephone System fulfills almost all of the primary communication needs companies require from telephone systems. The age of Voice over IP (VoIP) has become the new standard in telecom. VoIP comes in many forms, and the Avaya PBX System is one of them. The Avaya IP-PBX system is a highly scalable solution designed for midsize companies looking to grow and those not intimidated by the cost or complexity.

Avaya is one of the global leaders in business collaboration and communication solutions. They provide unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes worldwide. Unified communication is all about combining different forms of communication into one solution for an efficient, easier way for employees to communicate. Avaya has a number of unified communications solutions to help companies improve productivity and customer service while reducing costs. By integrating various forms of communication, including email, instant messaging, telephony and video, businesses can communicate and collaborate effectively on any device in any location. Avaya offers scalability and flexibility to support small to large corporations. DSI Solutions DUBAI is the authorized partner and supporter of Avaya Telephone System. With Avaya’s extensive product range, we deliver the best solutions to our clients and offer optimal technology that fits each business’s needs.

Avaya Phones and Devices

Avaya’s Unified Communication Solutions are designed to deliver big-business capabilities at small business prices. From connecting your business with colleagues and customers, simplifying access to information, keeping remote workers in touch, or saving money through conferencing, networking, time/call management and Voice over IP, Avaya has the solution. With Avaya you get the full feature functionality of a large PBX and data networking with value-added applications all in one integrated system.

Some Featured Avaya Products
Desktop Phones

Avaya’s desktop phones deliver exceptional reliability, scalable provisioning, and support and are the perfect choice for everyday office workers like salespeople, executives, and operators. Put the Latest Communications Technology on Employee Desktops Without Impacting Your Cash Flow If you are not using the latest communications technology on your employee desktops, you are falling behind. Avaya makes it easier to empower employees with the award-winning Avaya Devices.

Multimedia Devices

Avaya Vantage offers one-touch and voice-controlled audio, video, text, and an all-glass touchscreen with millions of cloud-based apps available at the touch of a finger. The Avaya Vantage™ device combines the advantages of a customizable unified communications solution and a fully functional Android device. Avaya Vantage™ supports all Android accessibility services, including talk-back, magnification, and font or display size configuration.

Wireless Handsets

Avaya’s wireless handsets keep everyone in the building or campus connected and productive. Optimize your workforce with a range of advanced wireless devices. Enable employees to stay securely connected and productive, regardless of where they are across the organization. Deliver highly secure mobile handsets that protect against unauthorized access with support for robust wireless LANs and high-density wireless voice communications.

Conference Phones

Avaya’s easy-to-use devices have superior HD audio and crystal-clear Omni-Sound technology for any size meeting room. Avaya Conference phones are the most advanced conference phone designed for both Avaya Aura and IP Office Platforms. Conference phones have really come to be vital for any kind of business. Audio quality is the biggest challenge in any type of conference call—Avaya offers Omni sound technology to ensure smooth conference communication between you and your clients. Regular phones also can use for meetings.


Avaya’s patent AcousticEdge Technology has an amazing sound that makes the conversation or presentation clearer. Vibrant sound is essential when working in a busy, open space—and wonderful even in quiet surroundings. AVAYA headsets are optimized for multimedia, and patented technology protects your hearing. Limit the effects of long-term acoustic exposure. Avaya’s patented AcousticEdge Technology, in combination with phones, offers complete hearing protection. Give agents professional-grade productivity features.

Video Conferencing

Avaya Scopia XT Video Conferencing provides leading, powerful video communications technology that includes immersive telepresence, conference room systems, and desktop applications. Video Conferencing for a Work-Anywhere World Keep work moving forward with game-changing collaboration. With our simple, convenient conferencing and messaging, your entire team connects wherever they might be, using any device. From screen sharing to video, voice, and chat with productivity and organizational tools.

Avaya Cloud Services

Avaya’s cloud solutions are built on a fully open architecture that supports true compatibility and limitless interoperability—with a clear focus on the reliability and security you need. Get access to a full-featured communications solution without the up-front capital investment. Create the Experiences You Need with Avaya OneCloud, Your customers want experiences that are effortless. Your employees want easy access to the people and tools they need. Now there’s an experience platform that makes it all possible. Avaya OneCloud is a Total Experience.


Avaya IP Office Editions

• Flexible Deployment: In the cloud, on premise or hybrid deployments are all supported with IP Office along with the ability to migrate from one to the other when the time is right for you.

• All-in-one Communications and Collaboration: The Avaya Equinox experience provides a single app for voice, video, messaging, conferencing and calendar and keeps employees productive on any device, from any location.

• Cost saving applications: built-in audio and video conferencing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and voice and instant messaging streamline support and reduce monthly costs.

• Complete mobility solutions: Whether your employees are on the road, working remotely, or just at a different location, IP Office’s intuitive tools and apps keeps them engaged, productive and reachable.

• Out-of-the-box applications integration: Embed communications in the applications you already have: Salesforce, Google, Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business.

• Distinctive Customer Contact: IP Office offers integrated voice, web chat, email, FAX and reporting capabilities that allow even the smallest contact center to support sophisticated and satisfying customer interactions.