Pelco IP Cameras

Pelco is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of predictive video security solutions including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services.

As the single source for video, security management, and intelligence solutions, Pelco is committed to delivering a broad range of high-quality products and systems that make the world a safer place.

Pelco’s long history in the industry shows through in its product range, with each unit crafted to a high standard and packed with the latest features. End to end provider of video technology, Pelco is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer services.

Pelco offers a broad range of positioning systems; video recording and management solutions; fixed, thermal-imaging, and explosion-proof cameras; IP cameras; displays; and much more.

IP Cameras

Pelco offers the broadest selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. From our industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermal imaging, explosionproof and more, we offer a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application.

Fixed IP Cameras

Pelco fixed IP cameras provide focused coverage exactly where you need it. Fixed dome cameras do this discreetly with compact form factors that blend in with the surroundings. Fixed box cameras do this overtly as a deterrent. You can monitor the interior and exterior of your facilities with clarity and consistency with a breadth of offerings for different environments, lighting conditions and budgets.

Sarix Series: Sarix Professional, Sarix Enhanced, Sarix High Security Camera, Sarix IT Thermal Imaging Fixed.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras make it possible to monitor large areas with a single camera, offering both wide and close-in views for the details required. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications to work in all lighting and weather conditions.

HP IP Dome Positioning System includes

Spectra Enhanced: High Definition IP Dome Positioning System

Spectra Professional: HD Video and Industry-Leading Performance at the price of a mid-market Dome.

Spectra Professional IR & 4K: Rugged Outdoor Infrared Cameras that capture details in poorly lit situations.

Esprit Enhanced: Standard, Wiper, and Pressurized with Wiper Models. Adaptive IR Models available.

Panoramic IP Cameras

Pelco’s panoramic IP cameras provide coverage of a wide, horizontal area to detect the activity of people, vehicles, even wildlife. Its multi-sensor and single-sensor fisheye fixed cameras give you total situational awareness, as if you were immersed in the scene.  Because of the wide area coverage, a single panoramic IP camera can be an attractive alternative to purchasing and placing multiple cameras.

Panoramic Series includes

12 MP Optera™ Multi-Sensor, Evolution 360⁰ Fisheye Cameras, Evolution 180° Panoramic Cameras.

Ex ExSite® Enhanced Explosion Proof Camera System

From the relentless sub-zero temperatures of Arctic oil pipelines, to the scorching heat of desert drill sites, to the high wind and corrosive elements of ports and offshore rigs, Pelco has engineered a camera line robust enough to operate in the most hazardous environments imaginable.