Meeting Room Booking Solutions

Meeting room booking systems provides simple tools for reserving conference rooms and other spaces or resources within an office or shared workplace. It consists of software for conference room scheduling and also hardware interfaces, or digital signage.

This software ensures that organizers and attendees have the necessary accommodations for important meetings, and at the same time, office managers maintain an accurate, up-to-date view of how company resources are being utilized. To ensure the appropriate usage of these valuable resources, Office Managers can program these platforms with user permissions and other restrictions.

Software-based conference room booking systems may be used in hospitality, in studios or spas, or in enterprises for employee booking. Primarily they are used for planning out and inviting others to meetings such as team scrums, sales calls, one-on-ones, and brainstorming sessions. In addition to that Meeting Rooms can also be used by community managers and members of coworking spaces for reserving rooms, desks, designated call areas, and quiet spaces.


Key Benefits of Meeting Room Booking Solutions

Besides taking measures for an explicit agenda and preparing the participants in good time, a meeting room booking system could add significant value to the meeting culture of your organization.

Some of the key benefits of Meeting Room Booking Solutions are:

Double Bookings

In shared office spaces, double bookings are a common issue and can be really annoying. A proper room booking system will automatically detect and prevent users from booking rooms that already have meetings. This pre-emptive method of detection and prevention eliminates majority of office productivity related problem of having to find a vacant room.

Prevents Interruptions during Meetings

Employees in open-plan offices are easily disturbed with a lot of interruptions. Therefore, it’s really important that there are separate rooms accessible where employees could actually close the door and really concentrate for a while. A meeting room booking software tells you for how long a room is available or occupied and lets you work undisturbed.

Multiple Methods of Booking

Choosing a room booking system that provides various avenues for booking can simplify the process of finding and reserving a room even easier. From web- based interface that can be accessed through any browser to a mobile application or a wall-mounted room display panel can provide staff who are always on the move to be able to find and reserve rooms.

Room Availability

Room availability can be a tough task that lowers the productivity in your workplace because booked rooms often end up empty due to no-shows. A room booking system that provides insight into the usage of rooms and the patterns of bookings and cancellations can help management better understand their office and plan the office space for greater efficiencies.

Coordination of Services

A meeting room booking system allows staff to request for services such as man-power for setup of space, catering and resources such as A/V, conferencing units and computers along with the room reservation. This provides a single interface where all the meeting related activities can be tracked


Meeting Room Booking Solutions DSI Dubai

DSI Dubai is the authorized partner of EVOKO in Dubai. Our cooperation with EVOKO has helped us provide our customers the most efficient Meeting Room Booking Solutions.

Room booking system

In touch efficiency

It’s only a fingertip away. The Evoko Room Manager is a beautiful touchscreen solution for all your meeting rooms. Make sure they’re being used in a truly effective way. Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. With our room booking system you can easily book conference rooms and then have all information presented on the screen. Integrates seamlessly with the existing e-mail server. Now you’ll get full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to optimize resources. Get decision making support that really cuts costs. If you have room for improvement, get in touch with the Evoko Room Manager.

Meeting intelligence

It doesn’t matter where you are. Book, cancel or extend a meeting in your own electronic calendar or directly on the screen outside the meeting room. If the room is busy, Evoko Room Manager will tell you where the nearest available room is. The units synchronize with MS Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps for Business to always show the latest information.


10 min before the meeting starts a confirm button shows up on the screen. If not pressed within the set time limit (up to 30 min after meetings start), the meeting room booking will be released, making the room free for others. 5 minutes before the confirmation time runs out you get an e-mail reminding you to confirm.


With Evoko Room Manager you’ll get everything you need in the product box and pay a set price per unit. That’s it! You never have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or needing extra software or accessories. A one-time cost for everything you need.

The price for the Evoko Room Manager includes:

  • Evoko Room Manager unit
  • Mounting kits for both standard and glass walls
  • AC power supply can be ordered separately free of charge if not installed with PoE
  • 2 year warranty
  • Product support
  • Free upgrades of the Evoko Room Manager software
  • Evoko Control Panel which is used for configuration, monitoring and statistics