Snom Conference Room Phones

Today’s business relies on conference call in boardrooms, meeting rooms, and even from the desktops! A conference phone is essential for all business types, as it allows for multiple individuals to converse worldwide, in a clearly audible fashion. While voice conferencing today, employs the latest technology, there are different types of conferencing systems.

Speaker Phone: Designed for one individual, it usually has only one microphone and no echo cancellation capability. Used in group discussions, it does not offer a high- quality sound.

Conference Phone: Built to operate in an open-air environment, it supports communication for the whole room and all the people in it. High-quality conference phones incorporate a variety of digital signal processing and echo cancellation techniques to accurately reproduce the voices of the participants, regardless of room noise, echo, overhead fans and so on.

Installed audio conferencing system: It partitions the pieces of a traditional self-contained unit into separate elements which can then be placed where needed to maximize the conferencing experience. To maximize audio quality, these components are controlled by a sophisticated system that controls microphones, speaker and other variables.

Keeping in mind the significance of conference calls, choosing an apt telephone plan and the required frequency is a task that requires precise knowledge. Snom Conference Phone is an advanced conference calling device broad compatibility with IP PBX, hosted VoIP and UC solutions. It is designed to be well suited in large size meeting rooms powered with the full-duplex sound technology. This phone is a powerful business tool that enhances collaboration and teamwork by enabling multiple callers to listen and/or talk on the same call. Snom’s proven voice quality and powerful software enable high audio quality in a hand- free situation. Extension microphones give potential to further extend call coverage in the room. Snom’s audio conferencing is an easy-to-implement solution that saves time and boosts productivity.