Bosch IP Cameras

Bosch Security Systems is part of the worldwide Bosch Group and is a leading supplier of internationally approved electronic and electrical security systems. The product portfolio includes video security, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range.

Globally recognized in the area of Security Surveillance products, Bosch presents a variety of CCTV products including IP cameras, Analog Cameras and DVRs. Bosch Security Systems is committed in providing its customers with innovative, high quality solutions backed by world-class reliability and customer service.

Bosch Security Solutions for Industries

With extensive experience, Bosch creates a broad range of high- quality security solutions for all industries.

Multi Store Retail

Bosch Retail Security Solutions ensure the safety of employees and customers, prevent inventory loss, and efficiently manage a wide variety of risks.

Bosch Safety Solutions for Multi store retail include:
  • Public address (PA) and voice alarm systems (VA) used in conjunction with a fire system to improve the safety of crowded spaces during an emergency.
  • Video-based fire detection systems to prevent loss of life, loss of inventory and stock, and other business disruptions.
  • Bosch audio solutions help retailers by Informing customers about product promotions while they wait to enter the store, providing ambient music to trigger the senses of customers, Informing customers about COVID-19 regulations and other important information.
  • Bosch Video Analytics Solutions reduce the risk of theft and loss, while simultaneously improving the safety of customers and employees.
  • Bosch cloud-based video monitoring services help operators easily view live and recorded video footage from up to 10,000 sites remotely and from a single platform.

Bosch Public address and voice alarm, intelligent video, and fire solutions help airports overcome their security, safety, and communication challenges.

  • Bosch built-in video analytics help operators detect intrusion and track persons and objects. This reduces the number of false alarm signals operators must deal with.
  • Bosch Intelligent security cameras continually evaluate real-time footage, and if necessary, alert security personnel thus preventing any criminal activity or other serious situations.
  • Bosch Intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics turn data into relevant situational alerts, which are transmitted to operators’ screens.
  • Bosch Intelligent cameras offer video- based solutions which reduce unwanted situations by preventing lines from becoming too long.

In addition to that Bosch offers safety solutions for airports including Drone Detection, Fast Detection of smoke and flames, Clear communication in different areas, Evacuate crowds during an active threat and Airfield Safety.

Industrial Manufacturing

Bosch offers Integrated solutions to deliver Security, improve operational efficiency and reduce accidents at the manufacturing industry.

  • Bosch Access Control Solutions offer a combination of cutting-edge technology which monitors and records any unauthorized access attempts.
  • Bosch offers IP cameras with robust built-in Video Analytics for fast intervention, to detect, assess and respond quickly to objects approaching the perimeter area.
  • Bosch offers a fully modular fire system adapted for manufacturing sites, to prevent loss of life, loss of inventory and stock, and business continuity disruptions. Bosch also offers video-based fire detection, where cameras use intelligent algorithms to identify smoke and flames at the earliest stage.
  • With built-in Video Analytics, Bosch cameras can smartly differentiate between a person and a forklift/AGV, and instantly create an alarm if anyone steps into the forklift/AGV area when it is moving.
  • Bosch offers a global access solution for multiple offices and manufacturing sites, in a centralized management system with one central database.

Bosch offers a complete range of safety, security and communication products and systems for Banks which help in Preventing kidnapping and robberies, detecting vandalism and fraud at cash points, integrating security and safety concepts into bank processes, managing a wide variety of different access authorizations, ensuring intrusion and alarm mechanisms, fire detection, and constant monitoring.

Office & Apartment Buildings

For Buildings and Offices, Bosch offers a comprehensive solution that integrates smart features like access control, video management and Intelligent Video Analytics that meets the most demanding requirements in terms of security and safety.

  • Bosch’s Essential Video Analytics and Intelligent Video Analytics can be used for advanced intrusion detection, to Increase the safety of employees and visitors inside the building, differentiating between genuine security threats and false triggers (rain, snow, hail or moving trees), or securing a perimeter fence.
  • An IP-based access control system from Bosch is ideal for preventing unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas, people-count to ensure only one person has entered using a single pass, monitor and record any unauthorized access attempts.
  • Bosch Video Management System with high-resolution CCTV cameras and Intelligent Video Analysis monitor any intrusion through doors/ vehicle entrances, verify the alarm, activate an appropriate action plan, and support subsequent forensic searches.
  • Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across IP networks for small to large office buildings.


Bosch Video Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Public Address and Voice Alarm, Conference Systems, Management Software offer Security Solutions for Protecting students and employees

  • Preventing theft and losses
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
  • Making clear, facility-wide announcements
  • Dealing with fires and explosions.

Oil, Gas & Refinery

Pipelines, refineries and other plants depend on state-of-the-art surveillance systems, fire detection and intrusion alarms. They also need efficient and dependable emergency and voice alarm capabilities to keep the energy flowing.

Bosch Video Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Public Address and Voice Alarm, Conference Systems, Management Software offer Security Solutions for Refineries and Plants.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Bosch integrated security solutions for ITS are available for

  • Automatic Incident detection: Intelligent IP Cameras deliver automatic incident detection enabling Traffic Management Center (TMC) operators to quickly react to events such as congestion, a stopped vehicle, fire or smoke in hard to see areas, or a wrong-way driver.
  • Smart Interactions: Bosch built-in video analytics at the edge allows cameras to become intelligent devices that can alert to safety risks and give operators improved awareness of busy intersections.
  • Smart Corridors: Bosch Cameras enable the collection of data for analysis, facilitating data-driven decision-making for smart corridor and enhanced safety applications.
  • Intelligent Parking: Bosch Video Analytics help monitor parking lot occupancy and curbside parking, as well as enforce no-parking zones.
Bosch Surveillance Products

Bosch product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range.

Video Systems

Bosch full range of innovative video security solutions fulfill highest security demands and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. Bosch Video Systems offer

Cameras: Bosch IP Cameras use sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to reproduce what your eye sees.

Video Analytics: Video Analytics include Essential Video Analytics, In-Store Analytics Merchandising Module, In-Store Analytics Operations Module & Intelligent Video Analytics 7.10.

Encoders and Decoders: Bosch series of high-performance video encoders and decoders are designed to meet the increased demand for hybrid analog/IP systems.

Recording: Bosch comprehensive range of recording solutions cover small businesses with a single camera to enterprise networks operating several hundred cameras.

Video Software: Powerful Video Management Solutions by Bosch manage entire surveillance infrastructure with versatility.

Workstations & Servers: Bosch’s wide range of series of workstations and servers are designed to meet the needs of the security industry’s most demanding digital video management applications.

Monitors: Designed for professional video installations, Bosch offers high resolution and high definition monitors which provide exceptional image quality and innovative features.

Accessories: Bosch offers Accessories for LCD Monitors; Adapter bracket for dome; Bracket for illuminator, double L, black; Bracket for illuminator, pole mount; Bracket for illuminator, single L, black; Camera cooling case for DINION IP; Clear replacement bubble; Corner mount adapter.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

From simple installations to extensive projects, Bosch offers integrated security solutions based on reliable technology and superior support.

Bosch Alarm Systems include Control Panels and Keypads, Accessories for Control Panels and Keypads, Detectors and Accessories, Premises Wireless, Software, CONETTIX Communications, Arming Devices & Signaling Devices.

Conference Systems

From intimate informal meetings to major multi-lingual conferences with thousands of delegates, Bosch Conference Systems offer optimal communication of voice and sound.

Bosch Conference Systems Range offers

DICENTIS Conference System, DICENTIS Wireless Conference System, DCN Conference Solutions, CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System, CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System and INTEGRUS – Wireless Language Distribution System.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

Bosch Public Address and Voice Alarm are the communication solutions with superb quality background music and fully certified voice evacuation systems.

This System includes PA, Commercial Sound and Emergency Sound; Digital PA and Emergency Sound; Microphones and Loudspeakers.

Fire Alarm Systems-EN54

Bosch Fire Alarm Systems ranges from intelligent fire detection to advanced voice evacuation for safe and future-proof investments. A wide range of Fire Alarm systems include; FPA-5000 Modular Fire Panel, Fire Alarm Panels, Automatic Fire Detectors, Manual Call Points, Interface Modules, Notification Appliances, Video-based Fire Detection, Accessories, Door Control and Fire Service Appliances.

Fire Alarm Systems – UL, ULC, FM

Bosch offers a wide range of automatic fire alarms and detectors, special detectors and peripherals for fire prevention, warning and building evacuation.

Software Products

Bosch Software Products cater to Access Control, Video and Alarm Management for complex enterprise solutions such as airports, metro systems and large commercial applications.

Access Control Systems

Bosch Access Control Solutions are available in

Building Integration Systems, Access Management System, Access Professional Edition, Access Modular Controller, Readers and Credentials, Access Control Accessories, Access Easy Control System and Security Escort.

Benefits of Bosch Surveillance Products

Bosch offers a wide range of networked solutions for effectively managing security, safety, and communications. Offering an unrivalled choice and an integrated approach, Bosch offers a complete range of specialized state-of-the-art products and systems for standard or customized applications and projects. Some of the benefits of Bosch Surveillance Products are:

Highest and secure client performance: Bosch video application can manage simultaneously many Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras in a secure way.

Easy to install: The guided installation makes it easy to set-up a system in a couple of minutes.

Cost-Efficient: Bosch Video Analytics are cost-efficient security solutions which results in making smarter business decisions.

Advanced Technology: Bosch Video Analytics Solutions come with a range of advanced features making video surveillance more relevant.

Camera Trainer: Bosch Security Cameras incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities making it more accurate.

Scalable: Bosch Security Solutions are expandable and easily upgradable with flexible licenses.

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