NVR & DVR Machine

NVR Systems 

NVR is a network-attached computer system that includes a software program for recording video in a digital format to storage devices such as a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, and many more. Popularly known as POE security camera systems, it is more flexible than DVR systems. The following components are required to set up an NVR system.

IP Cameras:
NVR system uses IP cameras, which act as standalone image capturing devices. These cameras are capable of processing video data before sending it to the recorder. IP cameras are robust, and capable of recording and transmitting audio in addition to the image. Advanced hardware on these cameras improves intelligent video analytics such as license plate and facial recognition.

Ethernet Cables:
The NVR system makes use of standard Ethernet cables such as Cat5e and Cat6 to connect the camera to the recorder. They are easier to set up owing to their thin size and shape and cost-effectiveness and easy availability compared to coaxial cables.

The NVR recorder is only responsible for storing and viewing the footage. The system doesn’t process video data.
Benefits of NVR Systems
Here are some important advantages of the NVR system:
Better image quality
More system flexibility
Easy to install
DVR Systems – Basics, Components, and Benefits
The DVR system is designed for recording video in a digital format. These security systems are priced lower than NVR systems, and this is one of the advantages of DVR systems, especially for small or domestic applications which do not encompass long-distance data transfer or remote viewing.

Analog Cameras:
As discussed before, the DVR system uses analog cameras. The camera is responsible for streaming an analog single to the recorder, which then processes the video data. Unlike NVRs, most DVR cameras are less expensive.

Coaxial Cables:
The coaxial cables connect the analog camera to the DVR system. The use of coaxial cable may not seem significant due to their limitations; however, ultimately data is transferred over this cable type. Coaxial cable does not support power supplying devices on the same line. Thus, another cable is needed to carry electrical signals, while the other cable carries data signals for video transmission. These cables are stiffer and wider than Ethernet cables, making installation a challenge. Also, audio is a limitation as the standard coaxial cable may not support audio transmission.
AD Encoder:
DVR recorders heavily rely on AD encoders, which is responsible for processing the raw data streaming from the camera into viewable footage. Thus, every camera in this security system needs to be connected to both the recorder and a separate power source.

DVR Systems

There are a few noticeable benefits of a DVR system, making them increasingly attractive.
• Minimal bandwidth usage
• Signal stability
• Low cost
In essence, both NVR and DVR systems record video footages onto a hard drive. What differentiates them is their design and implementation, how they are set up, how they process raw data, and more. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to employ an industry-leading supplier who has a team of networking experts. VERSITRON offers NVR switches that ensure the highest performance for the most demanding applications.

The DVR we’re looking at for comparison purposes is the NSDV-208QK model. This 8-channel NVR is a tribrid, meaning it can take three analog signals: TVI, CVI, and AHD. It includes 8 BNC connectors in the back for each camera. Once you have your cameras hooked up to the recorder and to an external power source, you’ll be ready to go with your DVR. With the LAN connection in the back, you’ll be able to connect to a network to access and stream your recorder remotely.
Some DVR models can support IP inputs, and the NSDV-208QK that we’re looking at does when paired with a separate PoE switch over the network. It actually supports 2 IP inputs, with the PoE switch addition, along with the 8 analog connectors, making this a 10 channel recorder. The multiple connectors make this a super versatile option.

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